Center for Postsecondary Research

Director: Thomas Nelson Laird

Senior Assoicate Director: Alexander C. McCormick

Associate Director: Robert M. Gonyea, Jillian Kinzie

Finance Manager: Marilyn Gregory

Senior Office Administrator: Katie Noel

Web Developer: Hien Nguyen

Graduate Assistant: Jihye Kwon

Office Assistant: Michael Sturm, Emma Walsh

Contact information:
Center for Postsecondary Research
Indiana University School of Education
201 N. Rose Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: 812.856.5824
Fax: 812.856.5150

Culturally Engaging Campus Environments

Director: Sam Museus

Assistant Director of Research and Assessment: Ting-Han Chang

Assistant Director of Operations: Natasha Saelua

Research Associate: Reginald Blockett, Raquel Wright-Mair, Varaxy Yi

National Survey of Student Engagement

Director: Alexander C. McCormick

Associate Director, Research and Data: Robert M. Gonyea

Associate Director, NSSE Institute: Jillian Kinzie

Research Analyst: Allison BrckaLorenz, James S. Cole, Brendan Dugan, Kevin Fosnacht, Angie Miller, Amy Ribera, Rick Shoup

Research Project Associate: Lanlan Mu, Natasha Saelua, Rong (Lotus) Wang, Xiaolin Wang

Assistant Director for Survey Operations and Project Services: Shimon Sarraf

Project Services Manager: Jennifer Brooks

Project Services Associate: Keeley Copridge, Kyle Fassett, Bridgette Holmes, Thomas Kirnbauer, Gavin Mariano, Dajanae Palmer, Sylvia Washington

NSSE Project Coordinator: Barbara Stewart

Publications Coordinator: Sarah Martin

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement

Project Manager: James S. Cole

Faculty Survey of Student Engagement

Principal Investigator: Thomas Nelson Laird

Project Manager: Allison BrckaLorenz

Project Associate: Bridget Yuhas

NSSE Institute for Effective Educational Practice

Associate Director: Jillian Kinzie

Project Associate: Samantha Silberstein

Law School Survey of Student Engagement

Director: Meera E. Deo

Project Manager: Chad Christensen

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

Director: Sally Gaskill

Project Coordinator: Rebecca F. Houghton

Research Analyst: Angie Miller

The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education

Director: Victor M. H. Borden

Project Manager: Phoebe Khasiala Wakhungu

Research Assistant: Chris Stewart

Project on Academic Success

Director: Victor M. H. Borden

Project Manager: Phoebe Khasiala Wakhungu

Graduate Assistants: Xin Yuan, Youngsik Hwang, Angel Cassandra Nathan

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator: George Kuh

Senior Scholar: Jillian Kinzie

Employment Opportunities