Jillian Kinzie

Jillian Kinzie (Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research & NSSE Institute) coordinates the NSSE Institute project activities. Her PhD is from Indiana University in higher education with a minor in women's studies. Jillian comes to the NSSE staff from the faculty at IU where she coordinated the master's program in higher education and student affairs from 2000-2002.

She has more than a decade of additional experience as a research associate and administrative work in academic and student affairs.

Jillian's research interests include college choice, first year student development, teaching and learning in college, access and equity, and women in underrepresented fields.


Job Responsibilities
Analyze and document effective educational practice, and facilitate the use of student engagement data. Manage research projects and coordinate services and outreach to institutions to support assessment and improvement activities.

Research Interests
Jillian is interested in understanding how institutions use student engagement data and other assessment results to inform improvement efforts in undergraduate education; differences in student engagement by gender, race-ethnicity, and first-generation status; and assessing the impact of programs and practices designed to support student success (learning communities, undergraduate research, service-learning, etc.).

She also hopes to continue learning more about emerging issues in teaching and learning; the educational mission of student affairs; MSIs; historically underrepresented students in higher education; women students especially, women in science, math, and engineering, and women's colleges; first-year student development and experiences; and college choice.

Phone: 812.856.1430

Email: jikinzie@indiana.edu